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CLOMID – boosts your fertility and gets pregnant
Clomid is an ovulation inducing drug belonging to the class of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator. It it the most widely prescribed medicine to improve fertility in women caused with absence of healthy ovulation. It is on the list of essential medicines of World’s Health Organization being one of the most important medications for the healthy functioning of body organs. Clomid stimulates your ovaries to produce more egg cells increasing your chances for getting pregnant. Before you will buy Clomid online cheap, you need to understand how it works, which side effects it produces and how to correctly take the drug. We have collected top FAQs about Clomid online to ease your decision and get a proper medicine for your condition.
How Clomid works?
Before you will buy Clomid, you must understand how the drug works for you. If explained in simple words, Clomid suppresses the production of estrogen keeping it equal to the level of the second phase of menstrual cycle and stimulates pituitary gland produce more hormones to stimulate ovaries. Ovaries in their turn produce more viable egg cells to ovulate and get fertilized. Official Clomid online cautions patients that the drug must be taken only in due days of the cycle. To determine which is the most favorable period of your menstrual cycle to take Clomid you need to visit a doctor, to pass blood tests for levels of hormones (mind, that female hormonal profile must be tested only on due days of the cycle). If Clomid is taken improperly (on wrong days or in wrong dosage), this will lead to sufficient hormonal imbalance, temporary or permanent infertility. In rare cases hperstimulation of ovaries may lead to death if a patient will take other medicines interacting with Clomid or affecting the same hormones increasing their levels.
Despite all the risks, if taken under control of your gynecologist Clomid is an essential rescue for female patients who get desperate to have a baby. If you can not get pregnant for more than 12 months in a row under a condition your couple experiences regular unprotected “successful” sexual intercourses, then talk to your physician about cheap Clomid online.
Will I get pregnant with twins with Clomid?
Official Fertomid online sources (Fertomid is the same Clomid but this medicine is marketed under a different brand name) warn that ovulation stimulation increases a chance to get pregnant with twins or experience multi fetus pregnancy. The matter is that Clomid stimulates your ovaries to produce more egg cells which are stronger and more viable than your average eggs. Unlike in vitro fertilization where doctors determine how many embryos are transported into uterus, with Clomid you do not know how many eggs will ovulate and how many of them will get fertilized.
Recent Fertomid online studies have shown that this stimulant leads to getting twins in less than 10% of cases.
Is Clomid right for me?
The availability of drugs online provokes mistakes in treatments. Some of them are life threatening. That is why before you buy Fertomid you must know the reason of infertility for sure. Clomid will create all necessary conditions for you to get pregnant only in case you do not have natural ovulation. But anovulation is not a key reason of infertility. The causes can be different: from hormonal imbalance (for example, low level of progesterone which is essential for supporting of pregnancy) to tubal obstruction, poor endometrium in the second phase of menstrual cycle that leads to inability of a fertilized egg to implant into uterus.
If you buy Fertomid online without prior visiting your doctor and without proper examination of the reasons of infertility you may harm your health and make your pregnancy impossible.
How to take Clomid?
Before you will buy Clomiphene (the same drug as Clomid) you will need to get prescription from your doctor. The doctor estimates your complete health profile, evaluates health risks, possible side effects and unwanted reactions of your body. You will need to tell your doctor:
an average duration of a menstrual cycle
an average duration of menstrual bleeding
sex frequency
ways of protection
diseases and inflammatory conditions in health profiles of both partners – this is one of the most important conditions to get prescription for Clomid. Some diseases affect male and female ability to have children. For example, bacterial inflammations in uterus may lead to tubes obstruction while parotitis experienced by a male patient even in the childhood affects the quality of sperm which appears to be disabled to penetrate egg cells.
You doctor will take necessary tests and ultrasound investigation to find out what is a reason of your infertility and will prescribe you an exact dosage of Clomid and the period of intake. In healthy average menstrual cycles of 28 days Clomid is started from day 3 and is taken up to the day 7. A woman must monitor the response of her ovaries via ultrasound. You must not violate a dosage. Ultrasound will show how to change the dosage of Clomid for the next cycle.
Is Clomid for both partners?
Official Clomiphene online source warns that Clomid treats only female infertility. It is forbidden in men.
Where to buy Clomid?
Talk to your doctor before you will order Clomiphene online. Your doctor will tell you how much of pills you will need for stimulation of your ovaries. This will help to save costs and to get enough of pills for stimulation.
The best way to get Clomid cheap is to buy it online. If you buy Fertomid online you will:
get effective and cheap drug
save costs, time and efforts
take part in bonus and loyalty programs of official Clomiphene online sellers
If you buy Clomiphene online, please mind that Clomid is frequently faked. Ask your doctor from which online sellers you can buy Clomid online cheap safely.
Can I buy Clomid without prescription?
Cheap Clomid online is available without prescription. However this drug affects your health by sufficiently changing the levels of hormones, which in their turn regulate the functions of other organs. If you want to buy Clomid online (Canada and other countries), please be sure you know:
the cause of your infertility
how to take Clomid
what risks for health are possible with improper intake of Fertomid without prescription
Be sure you get approval from your doctor for taking Clomid. After getting prescription you can buy Clomid online cheap safely.