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Top 5 questions about LEVITRA you MUST know!
Any man is tempted to buy cheap levitra online, even not realizing the risks of careless taking PDE-5 inhibitors. Moreover it is so easy to buy levitra online without prescription. Let us review what Levitra is and what Levitra is not to clear it out for you whether it is safe or not and whether you need to visit a doctor before buy Levitra online.
What is Levitra?
It is a stupid question for a modern man as all of you know for sure that Levitra is one of three powerful erectile inducers. Other two drugs are Viagra and Cialis. All of the three belong to the class of PDE-5 inhibitors stimulating penile tissues. Actually the drug affects the brain to release certain substance that affects penile muscles to relax by doing so the drug ensures better saturation of penile tissues with blood. At the same time the drug stimulates the blood flow in the body (this effect explains why some patients experience flashings and burning of face and palms). Levitra stays in the blood from 4 to 8 hours, however its manufacturer is recommended to take a 30 to 60 minutes prior to a planned sexual intercourse. The drug gets completely absorbed in the blood in 15 minutes and fast reaches the brain. On average the effect from Levitra lasts for about 4 hours. It is quite enough for any human to get enough of sex.
Levitra is a one time assistance to your penile tissues to get saturated with blood.
When to buy generic levitra cheap and when not to buy?
Generic Levitra assists you to achieve erection one time. The drug does not cure erectile dysfunction. It is a supplementary medicine to ensure high quality sexual life while you are trying to find out what is a true reason of impotence and to fix it.
Levitra is for male patients only. Levitra must not be applied in the next cases:
patients who experience erectile disorders occasionally and does not feel complete inability to develop and keep hard erection
patients with physically disabled penile tissues – after traumas or surgeries, in case of mechanic tissue damage
patients after 65 as by this age heart and blood system is already worn out and rapid changes of blood pressure may provoke a stroke
You also are not recommended to take Levitra just from curiosity if you experience healthy erection and can keep it long enough. This means that your brain produces enough of substances to ensure healthy strong and long lasting erection.
Many male patients believe that Levitra will prolong an average sexual intercourse, will make sensations brighter and will bring more pleasure to both partners. However this is just a myth. Of course, you can buy levitra online cheap, but this drug in no way stimulates the emotions and psychological pleasure and satisfaction a person gets. Moreover Levitra in no way affects another partner.
Women are forbidden to take Levitra. The drug does not affect women, does not make them to experience stronger orgasms, but still there is a myth that Levitra stimulates stronger sexual excitement in women due to stimulating blood flow to genital area.
What Levitra is not?
Official Levitra online sources claim that Levitra is not a sex inducer. It does not stimulate your sexual excitement. Moreover patient experience shows that Levitra will not work without proper sexual stimulation. If you do not believe this fact, you can just buy levitra online legally and take a pill during an intense working day. While your psyche will be “busy” with other issues of non-sexual character you will not notice any effect of Levitra. Do not buy Levitra if you just want to spice up sensations during sex.
Levitra is not a treatment of erectile disorders. When you do not take a pill your penile tissues will still be unable to develop proper erection.
Levitra does not prevent pregnancy. Even if erection is induced with the drug, your testicles produce viable semen which can fertilize a female egg.
Levitra does not protect you from sex diseases.
How to take Levitra?
Levitra comes to the market in four dosages starting with 2.5mg per pill, then there are 5mg, 10mg and 20mg pills. There are no other dosages available on the market. If you are offered to buy American levitra online in any other dosage than listed above, then you can be sure you deal with faked drug. Sex pills are most widely faked due to a high market demand. An online research conducted by Pfizer, producing Viagra – a key competitor of Levitra on the market, has revealed the truth about faked drugs. The pills were ordered from TOP websites in Google SERP on query “buy Viagra”. While some pills contained due components but of the low quality (which explains the low price tag), others do not have any components in their composition related to original sex drugs. Faked pills contained printer ink, herbal ingredients, low pharma grade medicines, psyche stimulants, but not due components.
That is why buy Levitra only from reputable websites which are authorized to sell the drug legally. Cheap Levitra online is not a good offer if it is from unknown website.
Cheap Levitra is taken as necessary. It is recommended to take a pill 30 to 60 minutes prior to a planned sexual intercourse. If sex is unplanned, then take a sex pill as soon as possible and turn the time while it will perform due effect for foreplay. In such a way you will get enough time for your penile tissues to get ready for sex and you will get properly excited.
Levitra is allowed to be taken only once in 24 hours. Unlike Cialis it does not keep its efficacy high for the next 24 hours. It is not recommended to take another pill of the sex drug within the same day or night. However patients’ reviews report that Levitra performs mild but lasting effect which is enough for several sexual intercourses. Every ED case is individual. You can visit your doctor for professional assistance in curing of erectile dysfunction. Or you just can buy Levitra online and enjoy hot sex without wasting time right this hot evening!